Something I discovered over the years is how to get free samples of products. there is many links and categories you can choose from. sample boxes once a month while supplies last. somewhat same as pinchme just not as often.

I usually go on websites and look for samples as well.

There are many resources you can use to get free samples


What is ppd? ( postpartum depression)

What is postpartum depression? I really dont know what to tell you because I cant even explain it myself. I am a mother of 2. A 5 year old beautiful girl and a very handsome little 10 month old boy. Looking at my children and seeing them grow has to be one of the most beautiful things a mother an experience. But why do I feel so depressed? My body has changed alot I can definitely admit to that. For the longest time I hid my feelings because I wanted to be “okay” but in reality I’m not. I am raging with hormones and i constantly feel depressed. I have personally tried to seek help but have been shot down 3 times already. I’ve learned to put my pride aside and accept the fact that I do have ppd and it’s okay. There are tons of mothers who are going through what I am going through. Why is it so hard to get help? Ever since I’ve accepted my ppd you can say I somewhat feel better.. but not fully. It’s been 10 months and why do I still feel this way. It’s okay because at the end of the day my kids are both healthy and we have a roof over our heads… stay tuned more stories are coming your way.